The board of the Organization for Ethical Source welcomes 3 new members. Elected in November of 2022, three members were chosen by their peers through an open voting processas new additions to the board of directors.

We are pleased to introduce our newest board members:

Sean Bailey

Sean (they/them) is a passionate educator and creative web developer working at the intersection of tech and the humanities. They have a background as an educator, developer and researcher of tech ethics, accessibility and data analysis at the University of Pittsburgh. As a creative web developer, Sean has led development teams, set curriculum to teach coding, and currently works on building tools for architects and engineers. Their curiosity of the effects of systems on people led them to contribute to the Hippocratic License 3.0 License Builder project and become a part of the thriving community of OES.

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Will Barton

Will (he/him) has made a career of service through civic technology. He has been participating in open source for nearly 2 decades, and was drawn to OES by a desire to contribute to the Ethical Source Principles. With a background in political theory, Will is passionate about interrogating questions of power through software and finding ways to help governments and civic organizations better serve their communities. Will’s belief that the intention of software developers matters drives him to create more ways for himself and those like him to make a difference through software.

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Mike Nolan

Mike (he/him) started his career in tech at Giphy and Mozilla. He then moved to the international aid sector working with the International Rescue Committee in Jordan and UNICEF. Mike has shaped a career that harnesses technology to build a more equitable world. His focus on humanitarian service through tech has led him to pursue a MS in Political Economy of Science and Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he also works running their open programs office.

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All members of our Board are available for questions, comments, or suggestions in our community slack. Please consider joining our community today!

About the Organization for Ethical Source

The Organization for Ethical Source (OES) is a diverse, multidisciplinary, and global community that is revolutionizing how tech culture works. We are investing in tools like Contributor Covenant as part of our commitment to creating a better future for open source communities around the world. If you’d like to help us shape that future, consider becoming an OES member.

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